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Winter is Coming…and so are Higher NJ Electric Rates

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Wooden LogsJCPL’s fixed winter rate is set to take effect October 1st. It’s a flat rate of 10.2863c per kWh. This rate is good through May of 2017 and then the summer rates kick in.

You can save a few bucks by finding a reputable supplier with a lower fixed rate. We shopped around and have done the legwork for you.

Through our supplier network, we have sourced a 12 month fixed rate of 9.88c kwh and a 24 month fixed rate of 9.83c kWh. The only caveat is that these rates expire on Tues 9/20 at 4pm.

This represents roughly a 10% savings off your supply cost. To take advantage of this, please send us an email to

Once we have your contact info we’ll need to get a little information to start the process.

We cannot stress enough to have your utility bills enrolled in fixed rates. Think about this. What if you had a variable mortgage rate that changed from month to month? Maybe this month is 4%, and then next month 6% or 8% etc. That would be crazy and incredibly risky!

It’s the same with utility bills. Normally there isn’t much of a fluctuation with JCPL’s rates so it’s usually OK to be in their default service. Unless, you have a Polar Vortex situation like we had in 2014. The extreme cold drove up demand for electric and gas and prices skyrocketed. PSEG’s rates were up 50% form 12c to 18c kWh.

A customer of ours located in the Ameren Illinois area went from paying 6c kWh to 25c kWh! This was a business that normally had a $20,000 electric bill which shot up to nearly $80,000! Luckily they survived, but came extremely close to bankruptcy.

They never had a supplier because they never had an issue before. No one could foresee the extreme cold we experienced and its duration. Now they are protected with a low fixed rate we continue to re-enroll every 2-3 years.

Every business needs to protect it with fixed gas and electric plans. An extreme weather event can put you out of business due to demand. It’s basically like insurance only this insurance is free to obtain.

No business should be exposed to weather and many people treat their homes in the same fashion. As long as the rate is fixed and lower than the utility, you come out ahead.

What We Do

-Monitor your usage and rate for the duration of your contract.

-Make sure you are notified one month prior to expiration to secure a new fixed contract. We never enroll customers in variable rates.

-Obtain a signed contract from you. We do not take customer information and enroll them without their written approval.

What We Do Not Do

-Enroll customers in teaser or variable rates. These rates result in bill-shock and are 99% of the reason you hear stories about an independent supplier who charged a customer too much. We are not suppliers, we are brokers. It is of no benefit to us or you for your rate to spike. We make sure our interests are aligned with our customers.

-Get a copy of your bill and enroll you without your written consent. If you have been a victim of this it is an illegal practice called slamming. You can contact JCPL and have them put a block on your account so you cannot be enrolled with a supplier unless you call and remove the block.


Please contact us at prior to 4pm on September 20th to take advantage of this 10% discount. If you happen to miss this deadline, we get refreshed rates weekly. Contact us and we’ll see if we can source something comparable for you.