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How to Lower Your JCPL Electric Bill in New Jersey for 2016

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First Energy Company - Jersey Central Power & Light (JCPL) has announced their electricity supply rates through May 2016 - and you may be paying much higher than you should be.

The rate schedule for residential service is as follows:

Summer Usage:

First 600 kwh @ 9.5338¢*

Over 600 kwh @ 10.4596¢*

Winter usage:

Flat 10.41¢ per kwh

*Rates include all tariffs and SUT (sales and use taxes)

View or download the pdf NJ Price to Compare or visit Jersey Central Power & Light

Electric Rates JCPL NJ

Here is a quick snapshot of the rates taken from the JCPL website:

JCPL Price to Compare

Notice the rates in the far right column including SUT (sales & usage tax).

Those are the prices you will be paying for your energy supply through JCPL. You can lower your electric bill by choosing a supplier with a lower fixed rate. If you don't know how the price of your electric is calculated, it's purchased annually by JCPL thru auction.

If the thought of hearing "choose an energy supplier" makes you uncomfortable, do not worry. Below we explain how to use our service. 

Cheapest electric rates

A family member was gouged and that's how Enerlock was started ...

My parents (through a recommendation of a friend) signed up with a 3rd party supplier to save money on their utility bills. They were saving a few dollars, everything was fine no complaints.

Then in late 2013 to early 2014, most of the U.S. got hit with extremely cold weather known as the Polar Vortex.

The extreme cold drove up heating demand which drastically increased electric and natural gas pricing. Suppliers had to purchase more energy than anticipated at higher prices and passed those prices along to customers.

My parents (trying to help) had also signed my grandma up with the supplier. She went from paying 10c per kwh for electricity and 40c per therm for natural gas to 30c per kwh and $1.60 per therm!!

That tripled and quadrupled her utility bills! No one triples grandma's electric bills!

[bctt tweet="No one triples grandma's electric bills!"]

So I started researching to see what I can do to help the situation. Turns out there was nothing illegal. She was in a variable rate plan and the cold weather drove pricing up and that was basically it. Had she been in a fixed rate plan, she would have been protected.

So I contacted a relative of mine who purchases energy for a large commercial real estate company. He explained how its imperative for his company and all businesses that rely on energy usage to run their businesses, to be enrolled in a fixed rate plan with an energy supplier.

It helps in two ways. Lower your existing electric bill rate and protecting against future increases. I asked if he can put me in touch with some of his suppliers he uses and voila! Enerlock was born.

What Enerlock does and why you should use our service

As energy consultants, we locate the lowest fixed rates in the marketplace and present them to our customers to make the best decision together. Fixed-rate terms are typically 12 months. They can run as far out as 24 to 36 months.

The process is quick and easy. It's one of the fastest ways to reduce your electricity bills.

As of this writing, the best JCPL rates we are seeing are below the first 600 kwh rate of 9.5338¢. This represents a significant savings when a customer enters the upper tier with JCPL. These are unpublished, fixed rate plans.

Why your rate will never suddenly spike and give you bill-shock

Two to three months prior to expiration, we will source a new fixed rate plan to pick up seamlessly where the old plan leaves off. At no point will the customer be rolled into a variable rate.

This way there are no surprises. No sudden rate-hikes or bill-shock. You simply multiply the number of kwh you use monthly and multiply it by your rate and that will be the cost of your energy supply.

Variable rate plans are the source of all the stories you hear about people switching and their rates shooting up. It makes it very difficult for us to explain to the customer why that won't happen when you allow us to source and monitor your energy rate.

Variable plans can be dangerous and actually have been banned in Connecticut.

How our interests are aligned with yours

We are compensated a referral fee from suppliers for referring people like you to their service. This is a flat fee regardless of your rate. So enrolling customers in higher rates does not help us nor yourself.

The best thing for us and you is to be in enrolled in the cheapest rate possible. Our referral fees remain constant, you get the lowest rate in the marketplace and we build a long lasting relationship together.

That's our business model and we're sticking to it! We grow this business through referrals from happy customers. Please share if you're happy with the service you received from Enerlock.

Why you can feel secure providing your utility info

We cannot and will not do anything with your information without your written consent. All agreements with our customers must be in writing. We only work with top suppliers. All customer enrollments must be signed by the customer or be voided.

Enerlock consultants build long-lasting relationships by saving our customers money. Any potential customer utility bill images or info sent to us are not considered as consent for service. It is merely for analysis purposes only. All documentation will be sent to you to review and sign before any service can commence.

How you can prevent being switched without your consent.

If you have ever been switched to a supplier without your consent you should contact your utility company immediately as you may have been slammed. Slamming is an illegal practice  of switching a customer to a third party supplier without their knowledge.

Many utility companies offer protection against such activity by placing a block on your account. Simply call them up to put the block in place. If you do have a block in place, you must call them if you intend to choose a supplier.

How to get the ball rolling and lower your electric bill.

Simply enter your name and email in the form below. We'll get back to you as soon as possible with the lowest rate in your area. There is also a space for any questions or concerns you may wish to add.

If you would like to take advantage of our lower rates, you must do so by the time specified in your email.

Don't worry, you will not be bombarded with hundreds of emails. We send rates out to our customers a few times per month when there are significant changes.

We look forward to helping reduce your monthly expenses for you and your family!