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Who is the cheapest Energy Supplier (ESCO) in my area?

Cheap Electric RatesTo find the cheapest energy supplier in your area you should visit your energy company’s website or the board of public utilities for your state. There you can obtain a list of the all the available 3rd party energy suppliers. Then you can try visiting their websites to see if they have any pricing displayed for your area. If not, you can try calling or emailing them.

This is may work for you but in many cases, it will not. Many suppliers do not have pricing displayed on their websites. From what we can tell in our experience, the suppliers that do display pricing are often priced higher than what we would be able to get from our supplier network.

A viable way to get pricing is to use a broker. That’s what we do. This is how we get our pricing. See if it makes sense for you.

We have relationships with all the top suppliers

Instead of visiting all the supplier websites and/or calling them, we do that on your behalf. We submit your energy needs to our supplier network and have the suppliers return pricing to us. We sift through all of the plans and hand pick the lowest cost pricing for you.

You don’t have to pay for our service

We are compensated a flat fee by the supplier for referring the customer to them. This means if the supplier’s pricing is 10c per kwh or 30c per kwh, our referral fee is the same. So it makes the most sense for us (and you) to get the lowest price possible for our customers. This aligns our interests with yours.

We get below market rates

Suppliers provide us broker rates that are lower than published rates. We’re like an outside sales force for them that are only paid through referrals. We’re not employees that require a salary, vacation and benefits. This reduces costs for the supplier. This also produces a healthy relationship for referring customers to the suppliers who give us the lowest prices.

There is no bill shock

Maybe you have been a victim of an unscrupulous supplier or heard a story from a friend how their electric bill doubled, tripled etc. when they chose a third party supplier. This is because the customer was enrolled in a variable rate. Perhaps they started in a fixed or intro rate which transferred to a variable rate.

We don’t let that happen here. We only enroll customers in fixed rates. Prior to expiration we obtain a new fixed rate plan to seamlessly pick up where the old one leaves off.

As we stated above, we do not receive any further compensation when a customers bill spikes. We make sure our customers get the lowest price possible and we lock it in. We’re here to build trust and relationships not burn bridges. That’s no way to do business. We do not do business with suppliers that are not reputable. We know who they are (we won’t mention sorry) and are not part of our supplier pricing network.

How to access our pricing

So why can’t you just punch in your zip code and get pricing for your area like other websites? A few reasons…

Suppliers change their rates weekly, sometimes daily. When you’re dealing with many suppliers, this is an ongoing thing. And not all of these suppliers have data feeds. This presents an operational nightmare.

Take notice on other websites that display pricing and you’ll see its often the same suppliers. This is because only those suppliers may provide the data feeds and the website doesn’t go the extra mile of physically contacting the supplier for a refreshed price. They also bake in a little cushion for any price movements. Sometime our pricing may go out four decimal points.

For instance, if we were priced today at 9.032c per kwh in the New York area of Con Edison and tomorrow pricing comes out at 9.018c per kwh, that’s the pricing we pass along to the customer. We don’t just throw a rate of 9.5c per kwh on our site and leave it there to bake in any fluctuations. Our pricing is stripped down completely.

So shoot us an email at (or use the form below) simply stating that you are looking for pricing in your city and state along with the name of your electric and/or gas company and we’ll get the prices back to you as soon as possible. We won’t bombard you with emails we promise. Who are these companies that have time for that anyway?

Best of luck on your quest to lower your monthly expenses!